About Us

Eastern Skills Transportations Est. operates across the Gulf Cooperation Council countries with its head office located in Dammam, Saudi Arabia.

Since 2012, EST assumed its present leading role in the transportation sector through its commitment to ever-improving levels of customer service. We specialize in the safe, professional and timely movement of all types of manufactured goods, bulk liquids, consumables, petroleum, chemicals, foodstuffs, raw materials and project cargo by land, sea and air.

EST understanding of individual customers’ needs enables it to provide cost-effective, dependable logistics and transportation solutions for all types of cargo, no matter how complex or demanding. EST employs a workforce of a large number of people and operates a fleet of hundred and hundreds of trucks and trailers across the globe.

Our Principles


EST's vision is to become a world...


We at EST, believe that technology...


Est's priority is to maintain...